Meet us at Hodge Road Elementary. 10:15am on Sundays!

Meet us at Hodge Road Elementary. 10:15am on Sundays!



Sometimes life is full of fake. Fake smiles, fake friends, and fake answers. Our hearts ache for real. We want to help you experience real church and real life. Real life is a life free from guilt, shame, brokenness, and even the fear of death. That comes through moving closer to Jesus in community with real people trying to do the same thing. #realchurchforrealpeople

At Movement, we never want to settle for the status quo. There's always a move to make towards Jesus and we want to challenge and encourage each other to take that next move. Our simple Mission of "Love, Serve, and Move", is the key to Moving People closer to God. If you want to see a little more about our Vision, follow this link

We don't care where you've been,  where you are, or where your current path is leading. We want you to experience the same grace, truth, and love that we are experiencing in Jesus. Expect to laugh and meet some friendly people. 



10:15am on Sundays at Hodge Road Elementary School. 2128 Mingo Bluff Blvd. Knightdale NC 27545. We also have smaller groups called Connect and Fuel groups to dig deeper into the word.


Expect to wear clothes, but we don't care if they're fancy or your everyday stuff or somewhere in between. 


Expect some awesome, caring people to teach your kids and help them move closer to God. On Sunday mornings, we have safe, fun learning environments for kids from infants up through 5th Grade. Here's more about Movement Kids.

Check-In: When you get there and enter our Welcome Center, head past the Cafe and through the double doors to your left. Turn left to the hallway and you'll see Movement Kids Check-In! Register here and save a few moments on your first visit to Movement Kids!


Come ready to hear from the Bible, sing some great songs to and about God, and have the opportunity to take communion (that's when we remember the sacrifice of Jesus by sharing in a cracker and grape juice) We also practice generosity through giving. Expect to be encouraged and challenged, and just be real. Authenticity is very important at Movement We gather together for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. But make sure you come early for COFFEE!! and to hang out! During the service we also offer paper back Bibles to encourage following along with the scripture. If you do not have a Bible at all you can have one of ours! Really!


Expect some really good coffee or tea and some kind of sweat treats. The Movement Welcome Team really does a great job at keeping everyone fed and well energized!  


Let's be real, that's important to know! When you enter our Worship area, take a left past the Cafe through the double doors to your left. The bathrooms will be down the hall to your right!


Expect to laugh, meet some great people, engage in a helpful study to help you move closer to God. You're probably gonna eat too! Join a Connect or Fuel Group! Click here to find out more and sign up!


We have so many things going on all the time, some examples of activities are youth events, women’s ministry events, worship events and more. Some of our events are open to the public or private so even if you are not an active Movement Church member you can still follow and join us!

The best way to keep us with this stuff is our Movement NC App. You can download that here. There are plug-ins to automatically add Movement events to your calendar with details and everything. You can also give online from there too. Also if you follow us on social we like to engage with you and the community there. Click the icons at the bottom of the page to follow.

Movement Fall Community Picnic, some youngsters getting face paint!

Movement Fall Community Picnic, some youngsters getting face paint!

Great turn out for our Serve Day!

Great turn out for our Serve Day!